Yolanda Invoice

Regular price $925.00
  • Custom jewelry set

    Earrings \Ring\Bracelet\Choker Necklace.

    I would love the entire set to be the trans flag colors, baby pink and baby blue. 

    Dangle Earrings

    Set price - $175

    The black \ gold stretch ring

    I would like the ring all gold, to match the mirror gold

    Matching Button earrings.

    Button Earrings - $30

    Ring - $15

    pride starburst button earrings

    I would like as a set with a matching ring, exactly like the earrings. Basically one of the earrings as a ring.

    Button Earrings - $35

    Ring - $20

    Fuchsia BAF Stretch ring

    I also would like this as a set. The earrings exactly the same as the ring.

    Button Earrings - $50

    Ring - $25

    Huge negative space earrings

    Would like as a set, the top part of the earrings as a ring.

    Earrings - $100

    Grape\ Crystal Bow Dangle Earrings

    I would like them in GREEN with a matching ring made of the top stone in the earring.

    Dangle Earrings $45

    Ring - $10

    Siam\ crystal Button Earrings 

    Would like with matching ring.

    Button Earrings - $40

    Ring - $20

    Jet Negative dangle Earrings

    With matching ring, same as the top of the earrings.

    Dangle Earrings - $30

    Ring - $15

    Large Crystal Dangle Necklace

    Would like as a set, I would like the charm on the Necklace as a pair of button earrings.

    Necklace - $85

    Button Earrings - $105

    Gold\ AB large Dangle Necklace

    With a pair of matching earrings. The charm of the Necklace as a pair of button earrings.

    Necklace - $105

    Button Earrings - $85

    Sapphire Starburst Stretch ring

    I would like this to be set with matching earrings. 

    Basically the ring as two earrings.

    Button Earrings - $40

    Ring  - $20



Mirror Gold Button Earrings - $30

Lake Blue 3D Starburst Stretch Ring - $25

Lake Blue 3D Starburst Dangle Earrings - $60

AB Star Stretch Ring - $20

AB Star Earrings - $50

Black Diamond Dangle Earrings - $20

Black Diamond Stretch Ring - $20